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Meet our 


We are incredibly proud to have the following instructors on our team building fun and unique classes and helping you grow and have a blast on the dancefloor. 

Ben White has been addicted to all things swing since 2004. He has studied Lindy Hop, Balboa, Tap, and  Solo Jazz dance under masters from the original swing era and worked with world class contemporary swing dancers. 


He has had success both locally and internationally as a competitor and coach placing in contests such as The International Lindy Hop Championships, the National Jitterbug Championships, Camp Jitterbug, and many more.  He has also been involved in more than 100 productions as a performer, producer, choreographer, and technician.

Ben is well known for his clear instruction and ability to break down and communicate technique while keeping classes entertaining and engaging.  He's taught all over the world, and is loving the lindy life!

Artistic Director | All Venues
Ben White

Ariel Goh regularly performs and teaches all over the place, and her competition titles include placing at events such as the Camp Jitterbug Advanced Strictly and the ILHC Advanced Strictly, and first places in the Lindy Bout Knockdown Jack & Jill, RCMA Jack & Jill, and Inspiration Weekend Strictly and Jack & Jill Contests.

Ariel doesn’t have what you’d call a traditional dance background. Her movement history includes martial arts and pilates. She’s a firm believer that you don’t have to have prior training to excel at lindy hop, and is passionate about finding the fitness, health, and time to dance in everyday life.

There’s a special place in her heart for solo jazz dancing and helping followers be badasses, as well as vintage fashion for both men & women. She loves working with people to help them find their voice in dancing and be as comfortable and considerate a partner as possible.

Instructor | All Venues
Ariel Goh

Emily is

Instructor | All Venues
Emily Hudspeth

Lukas is

Instructor | All Venues
Lukas Ng

Jonathon is

Instructor | T-Town Swing
Jonathon Pope

Laura Nichol has been a swing instructor and board member at T-Town Swing since their re-opening in 2016. Laura's been dancing since she toddled around in a tutu with the all the other 3-year-olds. She carried on for 12 more years with ballet, tap, and jazz, and then dabbled in a little bit of everything else from hip-hop to hula. She started swing dancing in 2005, and just can't seem to shake the habit. Laura has a BA in French from U of WI-Milwaukee and an MAE from PLU.

She also teaches English to middle schoolers as her day job, so if you hear her making lame, immature comebacks, it's because continued exposure to that many tween hormones on a daily basis can be dangerously catching. She is also silently judging your grammar. 

For Laura, aside from the playful jubilance of the dance, Lindy Hop also represents a step in the right direction (pun miiiiight be intended) for equality- the Savoy Ballroom was unsegregated space with a policy of non-discrimination-- if only we would all take the cue from them. Laura is so thankful and completely stoked to be a part of the Syn-Fo, because the world would be a better place if everyone had the joy of dancing in their lives, so she's happy to help spread the love!

Instructor | T-Town Swing
Laura Nichol

Vannah is 

Instructor | T-Town Swing
Savannah Reed

Nick is

Instructor | T-Town Swing
Nick Pike

Amanda is

Instructor | All Venues
Amanda Miller

jim is

Instructor | All Venues
Jim Shepard

Taylor is

Instructor | Eastside Stomp
Taylor Stender

Travis is

Instructor | Eastside Stomp
Travis Whetman

Since age the age of 3, Elaine has been diving deep into many disciplines of dance. She has studied and taught Ballet, Modern, Ballroom, Tango, and Hoop Dance. While living in New Orleans, she discovered the joy of Lindy Hop and got seriously hooked. As a full-time Pilates instructor, she possesses a vast knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics that she employs in all of her classes.

Instructor | Eastside Stomp
Elaine Buchignani

Stefan started studying various styles of partner dance in high school, including Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Latin, and soon after, Lindy Hop. He has danced and performed for many years with the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, the Amazebals, and Yeah Man in New York City. He is known for his connection- and technique-driven approach to teaching dance.

Instructor | Eastside Stomp
Stefan Huynh